Cunningham Tennis Select Program

15 Weeks/Begins February 6, 2018

Cunningham Tennis Select Program is an important part of our junior development pathway designed to prepare players for an elite level of training and tournament play. Players selected for this group will be training with the USTA Player Development philosophy in mind and with the emphasis on developing solid technical parameters, court movement, point construction, mental toughness and fitness. 

Focus on Training Environment

The training environement is an important factor in high performance player development. Attention to details, team work , respect, engagement, motivation, professionalism, & determination are some of the most important factors we pay close attention to. 

On-Court Training

  • Designed with consideration of the players long term goals & specific needs

  • Each player is assigned two areas of focus at the beginning of each session and will be revisited at the end of each session. 

  • Players will incorporate fitness training, match play, & mental skills training

  • 4:1 player to coach ratio

  • 2 hours on court tennis training 


Select Program A (ages 13+): 2 hrs on court, 1 hr fitness- $1175 

Select Program B (ages 10-12): 2 hrs on court, 1 hr fitness- $1175

*Enroll in a minimum of two 1.5 hr instructional programs per player & compete in match play for FREE*


Select Program A: Monday-Thursday (4 PM- 7 PM)

Select Program B: Monday-Thursday (5 PM-8 PM)

Match Play: Sunday (5 PM-7 PM)

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