Adult Fitness 

& Casual Play Programs

Summer Session

9 Weeks/Begins July 8

9 Weeks/1 HR Sessions/ 6-8 players

H.E.A.T (Health Enrichment & Tennis)- Classes will incorporate high energy, fast paced tennis specific and cardiovascular workouts. This programs is perfect for new and experienced players who are looking to improve their fitness or athletic ability. 

PLAY- This program is for novice players who just want to jump on the court and play. It's fun, fast paced group games without worrying about your form. 


$135 for 9 one hour sessions


1 HR sessions

Monday-Friday (7-9 PM)

Saturday-Sunday (9 AM-1 PM)

*$100 non-refundable deposit is required. This will be applied to your balance after being placed in a class *

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