Adult Programs

The Cunningham Tennis Membership Card is exclusively for adult players registered in the Clinics, Drill & Play programs. Membership benefits include:

  • Membership with enrollment. 
  • 10% of pro-shop items
  • 25% off open court time on weekdays from ( 7PM- close) & weekends froms (12 PM- close).

Adult Instructional


For adults to learn the basics of tennis, this program will focus on developing the athletic, technical, & tactical competency necessary to progress into competitive play. Ideal for adult players new to the game or with limited experience and/or past instruction

Drill & Play Program

(For 2.5 NTRP & above) This program is designed for adult players that want to take their game to the next level! Point play and strategy based drills are incorporated into instruction to help you reach your competitive tennis goals. 

Adult Leagues

For those looking to just compete with others adult players of similar levels in singles & doubles matches. 

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