Program Make Up Policy


  • In order to qualify for a make-up, the club must be notified in advance of an absence. Your spot will be used for someone else's make up.
  • A makeup request form must be filled out.
  • A maximum of three make up CHOICES will be offered to students that miss classes.  Make ups are dependent on the student's availability and therefore are not guaranteed.
  • All make ups must be taken during the season that the lessons are missed.  Indoor lessons must be taken indoors and outdoor lessons must be taken outdoors.
  • Under NO circumstances will lesson packages be pro rated to account for make ups.  Lessons run regardless of attendance, meaning pros are paid and lighting and heating costs are incurred by the club.
  • Per Diem classes are available for students who are not able to buy a complete program.  These classes are an additional $10 for EACH hour.  Clients must call each week to check for availability.

To schedule a makeup, please fill-out  the form with the link below.