Junior Development

Pathway Programs

Summer Session

9 Weeks/Begins June 28

Junior development 

AGES 10 - 18

1-2 HR

In JD 1, the basic fundamentals are stressed utilizing low compression balls to start and progressing as their skills develop. JD 2 players will experience a condensed version of our Tournament Training Program where the focus will be on improving their tennis and competitive skills. 

JD 1- for beginners and advanced beginners 

JD 2- for competitive intermediate players that may be on their school team



AGES  12 - 18 

2 HR

This program is ideal for players committed to competing in high school and tournaments looking for more performance training. Players will be taught the proper techniques and strategies needed for singles and doubles competitive play. This program includes fitness training & mental training.

TTP 2- for players under 13 years old who are starting to play green level to level 6 USTA tournaments. 

TTP 1- for players 13 years old and older who are competing in level 7 to level 6 USTA tournaments.


JD1 (1 HR)- $315

JD 2 & Tournament Training (2 HR)-$630


Junior Development:

Monday-Friday (4-8 PM)

Saturday-Sunday (9 AM-5 PM) 

Tournament Training:

Monday-Thursday (4-8 PM)

Saturday (9 AM- 6 PM)

Questions? Email us at info@cunninghamtennis.com