10 & Under

Youth Progression Program

Winter Session 

Two 15 Week Sessions

Session 1 begins October 16, 2023

Session 2 begins February 6, 2024

Prices below are for a 15 week session

Red 3, Red 2 & Red 1

1 HR


Orange 2

1 HR


Orange 1






*$200 deposit is required. This will be applied to your balance after being placed in a class *


Weekdays (4 PM-7 PM)

Weekends (9 AM-1 PM)

Red 3 Program

Ages 4-9 years old

Red ball / 36 ft court

This program is designed to lay the foundations for serve, rally, and score. In this program students will also learn about  fair play,  teamwork , & develop their athletic skills. Students will receive an appropriate sized racquet as part of this program. 

Red 2 & Red 1 Programs

Ages 4-9 years old 

Red ball / 36 ft court

Red Level 2 : Players are introduced to the basics of tennis through a full range of activities designed to build a solid foundation for long term athletic development. Activities are focused on developing the ABCs (agility, balance, coordination, speed, and strength). 

Red Level 1 : Designed for kids who have completed a Red Level 2 program. Players at this stage begin to develop more dynamic movement while being introduced to different spins and grips. Developing athletic, technical, & tactical skills will be the focus. 

Orange Programs

Ages 7 - 10 years old

Orange ball / 60 ft court

ORANGE LEVEL 2: Players in this class are progressing from the 36 foot court to the 60 foot court. This class continues to build upon the sound athletic base established in earlier classes, while integrating more complex movement, footwork skills, and point play. A variety of fun and competitive games are used to develop strong tennis fundamentals. 

ORANGE LEVEL 1: This is the start of our competitive pathway. In this level, students are able to rally and control the direction of the ball. Students will continue to work on their shot consistency through drills and competitive play.  

Green Program

Ages 8 - 10 years old

Green ball/ 78 ft court

Green Level: Players in this class are already on our competitive pathway, technically sound and engaged. They are beginning to determine their style of play and how it matches up with other styles. This class will incorporate both singles and doubles strategy and play. 

Questions?  Email us at info@cunninghamtennis.com