Junior Development Pathway Programs

Indoor Winter Session

Two 15 Week Sessions

Session 1 begins October 16, 2023

Session 2 begins February 6, 2024

Junior Development 

Ages 10 - 18

1 -2 hours

JD 1 is a 1 hour class for beginners to intermediate players (10-18 years old). The basic fundamentals are stressed utilizing low compression balls to start progressing as their skills develop.

Green (10-12 yrs old) & JD 2 (12 yrs old & up) is a 2 hour class for intermediate to advanced players who are looking be more competitive and that may be on their school team, and occasionally competing in tournaments.  Players will experience a modified version of our Performance Program where the focus will be on improving their tennis and competitive skills.  


Prices below are for a 15-week session

JD 1 (1 hr)- $625

Green & JD 2 (2 hr)- $1225


JD 1:

Monday-Friday (4-8 PM)

Saturday-Sunday (9 AM-1 PM) 

Green & JD 2:

Monday-Thursday (6-8 PM)

Saturday (1-3 PM, 4-6 PM)


*$200 deposit is required. This will be applied to your balance after being placed in a class *

Questions? Email us at info@cunninghamtennis.com