Performance Enhancing Play  (PEP) Program 

Winter Indoor Session

15 Week Program

Session I begins October 14, 2019

Session II begins February 7, 2020

Add some PEP to your kid's tennis game!

Exclusively for kids enrolled in our Red 2 & Red 1 programs. Players have the opportunity to meet others who may attend classes on different days and explore tennis through self motivated learning. 

Through various skills challenges, rallying, and cooperative play, kids will learn to become independent on the court. 

Our PEP program is always organized and supervised by members of our pro staff. 

Advance registration is REQUIRED.

If per diem, please RESERVE your spot with payment on Wednesday of that week, at the latest.

The PEP program is a FREE BONUS for players enrolled for a minimum of two classes per week. Players who meet this criteria, must register by emailing our Director of Tennis, Bill Racho, at


 Saturday   2-3 PM


Full 15 Week Program 


Per Diem

$15 per week

Questions? Email us at