Junior Programs Pathway Parent Guide

Please take the time to read through our level-specific parent guide sheets filled with information on what to expect from our programs & advice on how to support your young tennis player.

Click on the corresponding button below to view each level's parent guide sheet. 

How do we determine when your child progresses to the next stage of our 10 & Under Youth Progression Program?

Below you will find the player assessments we use to help determine if a child is ready to progress to the next level. Please take the time to review each level's assessment sheet. Just click the button below with your child's program level. 

Here is our Junior Programs Pathway Guide.

This provides information regarding the characteristics each level player typically has in order to progress to the next level. These characteristics include the number of instructional hours taken; typical athletic, tennis, character, and competitive skills; the amount of additional practice, and competitive play opportunities played.

Inspire kids to play more and improve their fundamentals with a quest for stars and trophies.

The USTA youth progression competitive pathway rewards kids for competing and playing more often. Ideal for our Orange 1 players. 

Please take the time to learn how your child can be part of the next generation of greats.

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